Local Queen’s Nurse Speaks at High-Profile Dementia Conference

Caroline Ellis, a Memory Assessment Nurse at Bodmin Community Hospital was recently invited to give a presentation at a high-profile conference in London to raise awareness of an innovative project she set up in Cornwall.

Local Queen’s Nurse Speaks at High-Profile Dementia Conference

The ‘Support Talks and Educational Memory Sessions’ (STEMS) project involved gathering information on all the services available in Cornwall that support anyone affected by Dementia, then collating and setting up a one-stop-shop for information and services.

In recognition of this innovative and ground breaking work Caroline was invited by the Queens Nursing Institute to speak at the Dementia Conference hosted by the Royal College of General Practitioners in London.

Speaking from Bodmin Community Hospital, Caroline reflected on her contribution at the conference saying, “The event was truly inspiring and uplifting. There were however emotional moments, particularly when hearing about living with Dementia from a partners perspective. Although as a carer you can see people daily, the overwhelming feeling of isolation can occur on a regular basis.” Caroline added, “I would also like to thank Dr Crystal Oldman, Chief Executive of the Queens Nursing Institute for chairing an amazing event.”

Having different organisations available on a face to face basis, and all in one location, has encouraged people with Dementia, their family and carers to access the most appropriate services and resources available in their local area.

It has also been acknowledged that the STEMS project helps to provide peer support and connection for carers and family members, which is an important factor when caring for someone with Dementia.