Contact Information

Ward Sister : Amy Dawes

Telephone   : 01209 318153

Hayman Ward

The ward has 20 beds providing inpatient care for elderly patients and patients who require rehabilitation following surgery or illness.

There is a dedicated space for patients nearing the end of their life which is a quiet area for them to be with their families.

How to contact your relative

You can call the main ward telephone number as above. Patients can use their own mobile telephones on the ward.

Visiting hours

The ward has opening visiting and we encourage friends, carers and family to visit as this is an important part of a patient’s treatment, care and recovery. If you are unsure if it is convenient to visit, please telephone the ward on 01209 318153.

Protected mealtimes

The ward has protected mealtimes between 12pm to 1pm and from 5pm to 6pm, however if you would like to help your relative to eat and drink you are welcome to stay on the ward. 

Car parking

Free car parking is available at the hospital.