Garner Ward

Garner Ward is the county’s specialist dementia ward offering assessment and treatment of organic mental health problems with dementia.

Memory problems can cause distress, anxiety or agitation – this can happen for a number of reasons. We work with our patients to understand what triggers this behaviour and what can be done to help alleviate them.

Our ward staff like to get to know their patients and their likes and dislikes. This helps to ensure they are supported more effectively. Our aim is to get our patients to a level of functioning, which allows them to return home to their family or make the transfer to a care home. As soon as a patient is admitted, the staff will start to make plans with the patient and their family to allow this to happen.

With support from the Department of Health funded King’s Fund: Enhancing the Healing Environment programme a family lounge and garden was created on the ward. All patients have their own en-suite bedrooms, access to therapeutic activities, lounges and sensory areas.

Visiting Garner Ward

Carers and family are important in enabling people to live well with dementia. We encourage you to visit your loved one as often as possible and therefore do not restrict visiting times.

We would like to support you during your relative or friend’s stay on the ward. Please talk to one of our staff who will be happy to help.

Read our pre-admission leaflet for carers or view our patient information pack.


It is free to park at the hospital. The main or Mews car park offer easy access to the ward and both include disabled parking spaces.

Film: A safety project undertaken on Garner Ward

Watch our short film, which describes one of the patient safety initiatives undertaken on Garner Ward and which has helped to improve patient safety.