Emails purporting to come from CFT

We are aware that members of the public are receiving emails purporting to come from the Cornwall Partnership NHS Foundation Trust an example is reproduced here;

“This is your invoice. I’m sure you’ll consider one-time payment.

If you have any questions or need further assistance, please let us know.

Total amount due: £1926.04 31/07/2017.

See Invoice Here.

Thank you”


The internet Service Provider in this case has already removed the dubious website which will download malicious content onto users computers.  However, members of the public may still receive emails that include links other dubious website that have not yet been closed down.

If you receive any contact from members of the public about this, please advise that, despite appearances, the emails do not originate from CFT and we cannot stop people sending them out.  If someone has clicked on the link and accessed the web site to “view the invoice” then they should have their computer checked for malware at the earliest opportunity and should take steps to safeguard any accounts they may have accessed through their computer.  If they have lost any money, they should report it to the police, otherwise they should report it to Action Fraud;

Tel:  0300 123 2040